Payment Instruction

Welcome to HeyChinese Online Bookstore.

To support international transactions, we can accept the following payment methods:

Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union Instant Payment, and Wire Bank Transfer

Credit Card Payment

We can take credit card payment while we donít process such payment directly. Via our integrated Ďexpress checkout with Paypalí, Paypal processes your credit card payment on its own and your financial information is never shared with us.

Our Paypal account ID is:

Moneybookers Payment

Our Moneybookers account ID is:

While making payment via Paypal or Moneybookers, please do confirm you are paying to the above accounts, not any other email addresses.

Western Union Payment

Pay via Western Union, you will need our address, which must include at least: Meihua Road, 201204, Shanghai, China; Please donít pay any address doesnít contain such wordings. We will notify you the complete receiverís address at your request and of course, including exactly the same wordings.

Wire Bank Transfer

Pay via Wire Bank Transfer, you will need our bank details in Shanghai, China.

The account number must start with 1001 and end with 5313. It contains 19 digits in total and must look like: 1001xxxxxxxxxxx5313.

Also, the Beneficiary customerís address must contain at least: Meihua Road, 201204, Shanghai, China. Complete bank details will be given under request.

Please do NOT pay any account without the same starting and ending digits, or doesnít bear the same address parts.

Cash on Delivery

Sorry, we donít accept this transaction term.

Cash in Registered Mail

To protect buyers, we decline this way of doing business. Cash in Letter doesnít sound safe, right?

Let us work together to make your online transaction a safer and easier experience.

Please feel confident in shopping with us!

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