Shipping FAQ

1. Who are your shipper providers?

We are based in Shanghai, China. For cross-border shipping, we use China Post for most orders. China Post is China’s largest postal service company.

2. What kinds of shipping methods do you provide for my order?

We use either EMS or Registered Air Parcel Post. Please refer to the product description for specific shipping method to be used for products of your interest.

3. What are EMS and Air Parcel Post?

EMS--- the international Express Mail Service, is the courier postal service offered by China Post, providing door to door service, maintaining service links with more than 200 countries and regions in the world. EMS teams up with USPS in US; Parcel Force in the UK……

Registered Air Parcel Post, another international shipping service, is also offered by China Post, which considerably faster than SAL (Sea, Air and Land shipping combination).

4. How long does the shipping take?

Please refer to table below for a general guideline:

Destination Countries And Regions

 EMS (Days )

Registered Air Parcel (Days)

   SAL  (Days)

US, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Swiss, Switzerland, Norway….

4 - 7

   10 - 20

20 - 35

France, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain

5 - 10

   10 - 20

20 - 35

5. Can I track the shipping status?

Partly Yes.

For EMS shipping, full tracking service is available and the tracking number will be passed to buyers.

For Registered Air Parcel Post, limited tracking service is provided and tracking number will be passed to buyers. Unlike EMS which provides entire shipping records in English, Registered Air Parcel Post only provides inland shipping status while goods transport in china and shown in Chinese language only.

6. How much would the shipping cost for my order?

For your convenience, postage and handling fees have been included in the product price already. You need not to pay extra money.

7. Does the postage vary for shipping to different regions?

Yes and No.

Regarding Registered Air Parcel Post, we have teamed up with China Post and got a preferential rate, which enables us to offer a universal rate for shipping to any country or region, far or near to China .

As to EMS, according to EMS tariff, shipping to Western Europe is slightly higher than to North America. Thus we may vary our shipping offer accordingly. Please read the production description to see whether the price applies on your country. If not, please contact us first for a specific quotation.

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